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This book, edited by Brett Shelton and David Wiley, is a view of models and simulations for education and research.

Table of Contents

1. In Praise of Epistemology - David Shaffer

2. Six Ideas in Search of a Discipline - Richard Van Eck

3. Building Bridges Between Serious Game Design and Instructional Design - Jamie Kirkley, Sonny Kirkley and Jerry Heneghan

4. Layered Design in an Instructional Simulation - Andrew S. Gibbons and Stefan Sommer

5. Designing Educational Games for Activity-Goal Alignment - Brett E. Shelton

6. "The Peripatos Could Not have Looked Like That," and Other Educational Outcomes From Student Game Design - Ryan M. Moeller, Jason L. Cootey, & Ken S. Mcallister

7. The Quest Atlantis Project: A Socially-Responsive Play Space for Learning - Sasha Barab, Tyler Dodge, Hakan Tuzun, Kirk Job-Sluder, Craig Jackson, Ana Arici, Laura Job-Sluder, Robert, Carteaux Jr., Jo Gilbertson and Conan Heiselt

8. Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming as a Constellation of Literacy Practices - Constance Steinkuehler

9. Robust Design Strategies for Scaling Educational Innovations - Brian C. Nelson, Diane Jass Ketelhut, Jody Clarke, Ed Dieterle, Chris Dede and Ben Erlandson

10. Building the Wrong Model: Opportunities for Game Design - Kenneth E. Hay

11. Wherever You Go, There You Are: Place-Based Augmented Reality Games for Learning - Kurt D. Squire, Mingfong Jan, James Matthews, Mark Wagler, John Martin, Ben Devane, Chris Holden



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