HTML CD: An Internet Publishing Toolkit: For Windows

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HTML CD: An Internet Publishing Toolkit: For Windows


Prentice Hall

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This book/CD-ROM package gives you a comprehensive introduction to HTML, the language used by World Wide Web documents. But that's just the beginning: get design tips for building great Web pages, jump-start your Web page with sample templates and demonstrates pages, automate Web page construction with Windows software, including HoTMetaL, the most full-featured HTML editor, learn how to best advertise your Web pages and server to a wide audience, download your favorite Web browser with NetManage's Internet Chameleon and our Windows Web browser document - your map to over 10 Windows Web browsers, and spice up your page with a library of Web-compatible icons and clip art. Whether you're a marketer, technical writer, Webmaster, or anyone else who wants to make a splash on the Web, this package can get you there faster than you ever imagined!


Originally published by Prentice Hall. Link is to book overview.