Designing Animated Simulations and Web-Based Assessments to Improve Engineering Education

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Web-Based Engineering Education: Critical Design and Effective Tools


A.K. Haghi & D.L. Russell


IGI Global

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Rapid advances in computer technology and the internet have created new opportunities for delivering instruction and revolutionizing the learning environment. This development has been accelerated by the significant reduction in cost of the Internet infrastructure and the easy accessibility of the World-Wide-Web. 'Web-Based Engineering Education: Critical Design and Effective Tools' evaluates the usefulness of advanced learning systems in delivering instructions in a virtual academic environment for different engineering sectors. This reference source aims at providing a deep probe into the most relevant issues in engineering education and digital learning and will offer a survey of how digital engineering education has developed, where it stands now, how research in this area has progressed, and what the prospects are for the future.


Originally published by IGI Global.