Cross-Language Information Retrieval

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Annual Review of Information Science



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This chapter reviews research and practice in cross-language information retrieval (CUR) that seeks to support the process of finding documents written in one natural language (e.g., English or Portuguese) with automated systems that can accept queries expressed in other languages. With the globalization of the economy and the continued internationalization of the Internet, CUR is becoming an increasingly important capability that facilitates the effective exchange of information. For retrospective retrieval, CUR allows users to state questions in their native language and then retrieve documents in any supported language. This can simplify searching by multilingual users and, if translation resources are limited, can allow searchers to allocate those resources to the most promising documents. In selective dissemination applications, CUR allows monolingual users to specify a profile using words from one language and then use that profile to identify promising documents in many languages. Adaptive filtering systems that seek to learn profiles automatically can use CUR to process training documents that may not be in the same language as the documents that later must be selected.


Published by Information Today, Inc. with Martha Williams as editor. Note that at publication time Anne R. Diekema was with Syracuse University.

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