The [mis]perceptions of graduate student researchskills

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Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association

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The mismatch between the academic preparation and realistic career prospects of graduate students has been highlighted frequently in literature (Golde & Dore, 2001; Nyquist et al., 1999; Nyquist & Woodford 2000). Minimal attention, however, has been placed on the mismatch between the perception of research skills and actual research skills possessed by graduate students (Leggett et al., 2004). Using a mixed method approach, this study investigates the perceptions of research skills held by graduate students and their research mentors in science, engineering, math, and education and compares these perceptions to actual research skills graduate students demonstrate. Findings illuminate the mismatch between perceived and actual research skill possession and suggest ways mentors can facilitate the development of graduate student research skills.

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