Computer-Assisted Content Standard Assignment & Alignment

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Unpublished Paper

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National Science Digital Library Annual Meeting

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This project provides a mechanism for improving the ability of teachers to locate science and math resources that will support their standards-based instruction, no matter what state they are in or where a resource was developed. Two services for are available for NSDL collection providers and Pathways Projects. The first is a Computer-Assisted Standard Assignment recommender tool that suggests to a human cataloger 1 to 5 of the most relevant national content standards appropriate for a learning resource. The cataloger accepts, edits, or rejects these suggestions and the tool adds them to the resource's metadata records. These vetted assignments are learned by the system in order to inform future standard recommendations for increased accuracy. The second is a methodology and tool that automatically creates a crosswalk between math and science state standards and their national counterparts. This results in an automated mapping between state and national standards, whereby the national standards function as exchange standards. This mapping facility is then incorporated into the search capabilities of educational resource repositories such as NSDL so that teachers can search for resources using either their home state standards or the national standards. As a result, educational resources can be easily shared from anywhere in the country once a translation between state standards is facilitated. Any state standard can be mapped to any other state standard, while at the same providing a mapping between any state standard and the national standard.

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