Technology Ecosystem for Orchestrating Dynamic Transitions Between Individual and Collaborative AI-Tutored Problem Solving

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Artificial Intelligence in Education


Springer New York LLC

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It might be highly effective if students could transition dynamically between individual and collaborative learning activities, but how could teachers manage such complex classroom scenarios? Although recent work in AIED has focused on teacher tools, little is known about how to orchestrate dynamic transitions between individual and collaborative learning. We created a novel technology ecosystem that supports these dynamic transitions. The ecosystem integrates a novel teacher orchestration tool that provides monitoring support and pairing suggestions with two AI-based tutoring systems that support individual and collaborative learning, respectively. We tested the feasibility of this ecosystem in a classroom study with 5 teachers and 199 students over 22 class sessions. We found that the teachers were able to manage the dynamic transitions and valued them. The study contributes a new technology ecosystem for dynamically transitioning between individual and collaborative learning, plus insight into the orchestration functionality that makes these transitions feasible.

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