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LDT '23: Proceedings of the 2023 Symposium on Learning, Design and Technology


Association for Computing Machinery

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In recent years, science education has shifted focus, from content to practice. This is reflected in the NGSS, which advocate learning science concepts through engagement in science and engineering practices. Theory building is a central activity of science and computational modeling is a key practice through which contemporary scientists construct theory. In this paper, we discuss an 8th grade science teacher's implementation of a computational modeling lesson. The teacher had co-designed the computational modeling microworld and lesson with the research team over the preceding summers. We investigate the teacher's activity during a whole-class discussion near the end of the lesson, to understand her responsive teaching strategies and how the co-designed technology supported her in eliciting and responding to student ideas. We examine the transcript from a follow-up interview to understand her experience implementing the co-designed technology and responsive teaching strategies, and to identify foci of future co-design iterations.



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