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For the past half century the Utah State Agricultural College has been making history without a history having been written. As the Semi .. Centennial year approached, the need of recording the outstanding events of the fifty years became imperative. This Institution, in the beginning, was established in the spirit of the Land Grant College Act of 1862-a spirit born in the gloom of military disaster and yet with rising hope and determination to preserve a Union which President Lincoln determined should "lift the burdens from the shoulders of all men." Each President of the College has stressed democracy and has lived democratically. The Faculties have been democratic and the students too have followed that tradition. All have sensed the obligations of such an Institution to the State and all have been very close to the people and their desires and aspirations. The greater Institution consists of three major divisions: the College on the campus, the Experimental College or Experiment Station and the College for the State or the Extension Division. As accounts of the latter two are being written, this history deals with the College on the campus only.


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