H. R. 8868



Document Type

General Correspondence, 1904-1907

Journal/Book Title/Conference

William Kerr papers, University Archive, 03p01s04d02Bx007Fd05

Publication Date

January 5, 1904


H. R. 8868, bill, house of representatives, congress, committee on mines and mining, public lands, endowment, mines, mining, agricultural colleges, states, provisions, act, states, territories, donation, supplement, money, appropriation, treasury, possession, United States, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, payment, amount, expense, establishment, maintenance, benefits, annual increase, instruction, research, experiment, mining, mining machinery, application, electricity, mining engineering, mine exploitation, metallurgy, chemistry, geology, forestry, agricultural engineering, roadmaking, irrigation, irrigation engineering, branches of learning, branches, mathematics, physical science, natural science, economic science, facilities, education, conservation, control, legislature, legislation, mechanic arts, agriculture, secretary of the treasury, warrant, secretary of the interior, treasury, United States, grants, authorization


Bill concerning the establishment of mining schools in connection with agricultural colleges.

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