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Library, 1900, 1903-1904

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William Kerr papers, University Archive, 03p01s04d02Bx002Fd10

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letter, report, work, library administration, date, amount, money, cost, price, expense, estimate, needs, requirements, request, books, furniture, library, Utah Agricultural College, copy, library accessions, statistical, summary, term, purchases, exchanges, gift, total, pamphlets, titles, strength, classification, periodicals, cyclopedias, reference books, list, philosophy, religion, sociology, political and social science, philology, natural science, useful arts, domestic science, agriculture, fine arts, choir, literature, fiction, history, numbers, expenditures, equipment, supplies, labor, freight, express, period, dewey decimal system, dictionary card catalogue, dictionary card catalog, catalogue, catalog, cards, shelf, catalogue cards, catalog cards, U. S. Agricultural Department, publications, received, filed, issued, indexing, public documents, duplicates, shelf system, reader, access, result, order, library assistant, students, indexes, handbooks, information, talks, addresses, arrangement, questions, assistance, instruction, assignment, cork carpet, chairs, tables, cabinet, maps, consultation, reading room, filing cabinet, library bureau, steel stacks, wall stacks, spring back binders, growth, increase, widen, scope, appropriation, engineering literature, departments, technical reviews, branch, science, economy


Letter concerning a report of work done by the library administration at Utah Agricultural College, with a copy of the report attached.