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This compendium is the result of two different bibliographies. The first was completed by Sean Michael, Professor and Department Head of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planing at Utah State University. The second was completed by Gregory Saville, urban planner and Principal of AlterNation Consulting, started during graduate work at the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. Consolidation and expansion of the two works was overseen by Joel Warren, during his Masters of Landscape Architecture at Utah State University.

Our thanks go to the many students, colleagues, and friends who contributed to this work over the years. They include: Anna Brassard, Paul Cozens, Misty Fitch, Chuck Genre, and Diane Zahm. Earlier versions have appeared in different venues through the years such as the 2003 ICA CPTED Bibliography available on CD through the International CPTED Association and the Latin America CPTED Region Corporation. In addition, Emerald Press has published a detailed literature review of basic 1st Generation CPTED studies (P. Cozens, G. Saville and D. Hillier, “Crime prevention through environmental design: A review and modern bibliography”, Property Management. 23(5), 2005). Finally, an early version was available via The CPTED Page ( Today, the resource is jointly hosted through the web site of Safe Cascadia (