Full Scale Mockup: Practice Evolution

Full Scale Mockup: Practice Evolution


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The past 18 months have challenged our precepts of landscape architecture's role in shaping a just society. New York-based Elizabeth J. Kennedy, ASLA discusses how a practice focused on forgotten voices responds to a broader understanding of social justice.

Elizabeth is the founder of Elizabeth Kennedy Landscape Architect, PLLC (EKLA). Black-owned and woman-run, EKLA is the longest-surviving such firm in the country. Its longevity is due to Elizabeth’s tenacity and her belief in the importance of service—to clients, community, her profession, and the process of design.

The work she directs quietly challenges mainstream assumptions about the aspirations and needs of underrepresented voices to counter the systems and biases that have long dispossessed the less powerful of spaces and rendered the people who use them invisible. Her best-known projects at the intersection of social justice and design exemplify landscape architecture’s potential to engage a broader critical understanding of place and identity. She built EKLA to highlight the heart of her clients’ stories and mission. From this perspective and standpoint, Elizabeth teaches, directs, critiques, frames, collaborates, and edits – in studio and national debate.


Utah State University

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Social Justice, Shaping a Society, Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning

Full Scale Mockup: Practice Evolution