The Importance of Designing for Pollinators

The Importance of Designing for Pollinators


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More than 40% of insect species are declining and a third are endangered. Monarch Butterflies population has plummeted 99.9% since the 1980s. This poses a tremendous risk to our ecosystem. This talk will reflect on how Patricia's love for bees has led her on a path that transformed how she approaches design as activism while harnessing the creative process. She believes that landscape architects have an important role and the potential to make a big impact for insect survival.

Patricia was born and raised in Mexico, she is the founding principal of BASE. A recognized leader in sustainable design and community involvement, Patricia creates landscapes that immerse people of all backgrounds and abilities in learning, exploration and play. Patricia’s community involvement and advocacy expand the boundaries of traditional landscape architecture. She founded an NGO that creates healthy habitats for pollinators. She has lectured at many universities and has won two national faculty ASLA awards. She received her MLA from UC Berkeley in 2007.


Utah State University

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Insect Survival, Monarch Butterflies, Endangered, Bees, Ecosystem


Environmental Design | Landscape Architecture | Urban Studies and Planning

The Importance of Designing for Pollinators