Document Type


Journal/Book Title/Conference

Open Repositories 2018


Bozeman, Montana

Publication Date

Spring 6-5-2018


Utah State University's decade’s long tradition of undergraduate and graduate student research is a point of pride, and it’s a source of recognition of institutional and student success as well as a recruitment tool. Yet, because of the ephemeral nature of student populations, it is difficult to build relationships that encourage participation. This presentation will explore collaborations between the library and the Research and Graduate Studies office at Utah State University as an opportunity to sustain the IR through the promotion and preservation of student research. Important is the library's role in ongoing research events on campus, such as Research on Capitol Hill (at the Capitol in Salt Lake City) and the annual Student Research Symposium held during the Spring's research week. By painting the library's digital services as a tool that students can use to promote themselves for graduate school or employment in the near future, the IR is being positioned as an integral tool for the Research office's promotional and academic missions. And, collaborations such as these provide libraries with the opportunity to advance campus discussions about scholarly communication among faculty, staff, and students while highlighting their expertise in the areas of information and digital literacy.



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