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Hidden away in the darkest recesses of some libraries you will find... Wait! Don't! Don't open that microcard drawer!!

Seriously, it feels that way when you walk by those long-neglected microcards. Very few cataloging records exist so discoverability is close to zero, and if there are records how do you read the cards? Wouldn't it be great if you could bring that microcard back to life so the content could be used? Good news! A collaborative open-access effort to do so is underway. After two successful pilot projects, working with roughly 2700 Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) reports on microcard, the Technical Report Archive and Image Library (TRAIL) has embarked on its most ambitious project to date - digitization and metadata / MARC record creation for over 33,000 reports on over 50,000 microcards. Sci tech librarians and their patrons worldwide will benefit from the outcomes: open access, online, and discoverable AEC reports. This project improves discoverability through the creation of MARC records (provided to OCLC) and enables libraries that retain this legacy format to provide discoverability to their on-site materials. Sci tech librarians can access inventories to review and describe their materials, and for libraries that never owned these collections, a frightfully efficient search interface already exists. This open access project can reinvigorate microcard content and revitalize library collections nationwide. This poster details the methods used in shocking detail and sets the stage for the next chilling episode!

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