When Does Your OER Program Become a Library Publishing Program?

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The OER program at this large, public institution began as a grassroots effort between the library and two faculty members in 2013. Today it is an established program that has awarded more than $60,000 in grants and facilitated student saving exceeding $3.7 million. And, as our program enters its tenth year, it is at a crossroads. We will discuss our OER Team's journey into OER publishing. What kind of support we've offered, what platforms our authors are using, what we have learned and improved. Major questions at the forefront as we assess our future:

  • Should the library take on the role of publisher?
  • How much oversight should the library have over quality control, diversity and equity, and ensuring accessibility through the creation of alternate formats?
  • Are OER considered author publications in the same way that commercially-published textbooks are?
  • How is this reflected in the library catalog and stacks, and how is it represented in the tenure process?

We will conclude with a discussion of the potential risks and rewards of scaling up the OER Program to fully embrace the role of library publisher and suggestions for how to assess your own program and facilitate these discussions at your institution.