Bringing Conversations into Your Teaching, Literally: Reflections from a Librarian and a Student Worker on Co-Teaching

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Utah Library Association

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Incorporating co-teaching into the library classroom is a valuable strategy in improving teaching practices. When revamping library instruction offered to core Psychology classes at USU in Fall 2015, the Psychology Librarian integrated co-teaching into the curriculum after the Reference & Instruction Department hired a student worker who is a Psychology major and passionate about research. Together, the student worker and the Psychology Librarian are revising and teaching lessons to better address higher order research skills. This presentation will describe strategies for revising lessons collaboratively and also lessons learned about the benefits and difficulties of initiating a teaching partnership. Attendees at this session will walk away with examples of information literacy lessons and how they were revised to address specific discipline needs. Attendees will also be able to learn from the presenters about how coteaching has shaped and changed their perspectives on teaching.

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