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American university presses are struggling to maintain their core mission to publish scholarly monographs. Several presses have closed and almost all are struggling. Presses have tried various editorial tactics and new publishing strategies to keep afloat, but the larger economic situation has continued to erode their ability to succeed. In the face of what appears to be insurmountable impediments, some university presses have turned to university libraries as natural partners in the enterprise of distributing scholarship and research. Though these two entities have differing business models, partnerships have much to offer each, and integrating the press into the library organization and aligning its business plan with the library's plan offer a viable solution to the crisis of contemporary university publishing. Library/press integrations have the potential to be extraordinarily significant in the future development of publishing in this area. This article first reviews the history of university presses in the United States, then considers the nature of the challenge now facing presses to succeed, and finally offers a new model for press and library integration as exemplified in such a merger at Utah State University.


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