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Feel burned out from teaching the same monotonous one-shot library instruction sessions? Worry that all of your colleagues are always creating dynamic lesson plans, while you’re stuck using the same one? Forget the last time you even thought about why you’re teaching? As library instructors, we’ve all felt this way. As the pressures and demands on teaching librarians grow, we believe the need for Immersion is more essential than ever. Many, if not most, librarians receive little or no formal training focused on instruction, but Immersion can help address this critical gap and pave the way to more thoughtful library instruction. Immersion is ACRL’s intensive training program for librarians interested in teaching. During this weeklong experience, instruction librarians gain knowledge of pedagogy and learn practical strategies to try out in the classroom. Immersion is a reflective, active, and collaborative experience, but for it to be truly effective, everyone needs to participate and take some risks. To make this easier, Immersion creates a safe environment conducive for risk-taking. With four unique tracks, Immersion imparts information literacy principles to participants. Tracks include Teacher, Intentional Teacher, Program, and Assessment. As former participants of Teacher and Intentional Teacher tracks, we’ll discuss these two and explain not only why Immersion is important, but also why you should apply next year.