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These seven templates provide an excellent starting point for the development of user personas for library communities of various types. Templates can be printed and written on as part of an ad-hoc brainstorming exercise, or edited within Adobe Acrobat or Illustrator. While user personas can be generated from staff knowledge and experiences (assumption-driven), depending on how you wish to use personas, it is recommended that you conduct user research (data-driven), either observing users interacting with the library, interviewing patrons, or drawing insight from assessment or usage data to help validate their accuracy.

See these sources for more information on creating user personas:

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Our template features many custom fonts that can be found freely online.

Main Fonts: Cyntho Pro, Oswald Light, Monaco

Handwriting Fonts: Daniel, Robinhood, Sketch, KG Drops of Jupiter, Graphe Alpha, Freehand, HaraBaraHand

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