A Peek Behind the Curtain: A Case Study for Technical Services Outreach at USU Libraries.

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The Cataloging and Metadata Services (CMS) unit at Utah State University (USU) Libraries is exploring new outreach activities for technical services. Our concerted effort is a result of observations made within our own institution. After conducting intensive research on communication patterns between our unit and others in the library, we found that there were general misconceptions about the day-to-day duties and range of capabilities cataloging staff possess. (Payant, Skeen, & Woolcott, 2017) We also noticed that technical services units at USU Libraries rarely engaged in outreach activities that were common among other units outside of technical services. Because of this, we decided to implement an education initiative to help others understand what we do and why it is important. Our efforts began with a preliminary goal to teach our fellow library colleagues about our work and contributions to the library’s mission.

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