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Journal of Library Resource Sharing

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Lars Leon

Carol Ann Kochan


Taylor & Francis

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The resource sharing community has a proud history of sharing knowledge through conferences, workshops, and online resources in support of training and development. People have enjoyed these opportunities and received various levels of benefit depending on access and whether instruction aligns with the methods they learn best. However, it is clear there aren't enough collective actions to meet the needs. We hosted a series of focus groups on training and development to find out from participants what has worked for them, what is still needed, how they learn best, and the types of training and information that will help them succeed. This is especially true as we work through a pandemic that has led to reductions in staffing for some as well as budget issues. Information gathered has helped us identify what the resource sharing community can do collectively. We need an interactive online resource that creates a next generation level of learning and sharing. Conferences, workshops, and other events also continue to be important and can be enhanced through shared utilization of this new online resource.


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