Optimizing for Broader Discoverability: Metadata with Web Crawlers and OAI Harvesters in Mind

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Journal/Book Title/Conference

Southeast CONTENTdm Users Group Conference

Publication Date

October 2009


Wondering how to get your CONTENTdm resources featured more in Google, OAIster, and other web crawlers and harvesters? The Mountain West Digital Library regularly harvests nine CONTENTdm repositories in Utah and Nevada, along with two other Open Archives Initiatives (OAI) repositories. The result is a central regional index with over 270,000 records representing 1.2 million digital files, accessible via search and browse in an online portal at http://mwdl.org. Members of the MWDL's Best Practices and Standards Working Group are revising and expanding recommendations for assigning metadata in CONTENTdm collections to optimize their discovery in MWDL, as well as other crawlers and harvesters such as Google, Google Scholar, OAIster, and Scientific Commons. This session summarizes some of those recommendations and offers tips on optimizing discoverability of CONTENTdm resources.