Pierced for Success?: The Effects of Ear and Nose Piercing Jewelry on Perceptions of Employment Seekers’ Trustworthiness, Attractiveness, and Hirability

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Conference Paper

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Organization Communication Division at the annual meeting of the Western States Communication Association


Western States Communication Association

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This study examined the effect of body piercing on perceptions of an employment seeker's credibility, hirability, and attractiveness. Participants (undergraduate students and managers) viewed a photograph of a job candidate who wore either no jewelry, an earring, or a nose ring, and then rated dimensions of the candidate's credibility, hirability, and attractiveness. Analysis indicated that although the candidate's attractiveness ratings were not affected by the type of jewelry he wore, his credibility ratings decreased when he was wearing jewelry, and his hirability ratings decreased when he was wearing a nose ring. These results and their implications are discussed.


*undergraduate student; **graduate student

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