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Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) composites are widely employed in lightweight and high performance applications including supercars, aero-vehicles, and space components. However, although carbon fibers are thermally stable, the low thermal endurance of the matrix materials remains a critical problem in terms of the performance of the material. In this study, we proposed a new, Al2O3-based thermal barrier coating (TBC) for the CFRP composites. The TBC comprised α-phase Al2O3 particles with a mean diameter of 9.27 μm. The strong adhesion between the TBC and the CFRP substrate was evaluated using a three point bending test. When the CFRP substrate was subjected to a 500–700°C flame, the 1.45- mm thick TBC protected the CFRP substrate remarkably by reducing the surface temperature to 188–228°C. The thermo-mechanical responses of this TBC/CFRP composite were analyzed after thermal shock tests. Surprisingly, a half of the pristine flexural strength of the TBC/CFRP composite was preserved, whereas that of neat CFRP was reduced significantly by 95%.