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In recent years, various groups have attempted to improve aircraft efficiency using wings with morphing trailing-edge technology. Most of these solutions are difficult to manufacture or have limited morphing capability. The present paper outlines a research effort to develop an easy to manufacture, fully 3D-printed morphing wing. This approach is advantageous due to the low cost, minimal man-hours required for manufacturing, and speed at which design iterations can be explored. Several prototypes were designed and tested and lessons learned from these iterations have been documented. Additionally, printer settings have been tested and catalogued to assist others attempting to reproduce these results. Performance was considered in terms of total deflection. Two concepts are presented as potential 3D-printed morphing-wing mechanisms. The Airfoil Recambering Compliant System (ARCS) is presented as a solution for a wing using continuous trailing-edge technology. The Kinetic Internal Nexus Compliant System (KINCS) is presented as a solution for a wing using discontinuous trailing-edge technology. The final KINCS design used for a prototype flying-wing aircraft is presented.