Connections to the Rest of the World: Teaching and Learning after the September 11 Attacks

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Academy of Management

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As the first anniversary of 9/11 passes, the editors of AMLE share our colleagues' stories and memories about how that one day echoes in their lives, in their students' lives, and in their classrooms. We have organized their stories into very general categories: stories about whether to respond to the crisis in their first classes following the event; the difficulty of our colleagues in the New York City area in determining the right path to follow in the classroom; coping by directly addressing 9/11 in the classrooms; coping by linking the tragedy to specific course content; activities our colleagues found helpful for processing 9/11 in the classroom; coping by changing the design of entire courses; effects of 9/11 on our students; stories from colleagues teaching special populations; students who were unaffected by 9/11; and lessons for the future of management theory and practice. We made a deliberate decision to let our colleagues' stories speak for themselves, but offer some concluding comments at the end.


Rhonda Callister excerpted on pages 21 and 29 of article.