Just in Time, Total Quality Management, and Supply Chain Management: Understanding Their Linkages and Impact on Business Performance

V. R. Kannan, Utah State University
K. C. Tan

(1st or 2nd most downloaded OMEGA article, 3rd Quarter 2004 – 2nd Quarter 2005, Elsevier Publishing


In recent years, numerous approaches have been proposed to improve operations performance. Three in particular, just in time, supply chain management, and quality management, have received considerable attention. While the three are sometimes viewed and implemented as if they were independent and distinct, they can also be used as three prongs of an integrated operations strategy. This study empirically examines the extent to which just in time, supply chain management, and quality management are correlated, and how they impact business performance. Results demonstrate that at both strategic and operational levels, linkages exist between how just in time, total quality management, and supply chain management are viewed by organizations as part of their operations strategy. Results also indicate that a commitment to quality and an understanding of supply chain dynamics have the greatest effect on performance.