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Huntsman Teaching Case Series


Utah State University

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After a long wait to enter the park, Caleb, an current MBA student, was handed a map by a ranger manning the entrance gate to Arches National Park (ANP). Caleb was warned that the park was expecting large crowds and heavy traffic throughout the day. The entrance into ANP began with a long road winding along the side of a cliff, which ultimately would bring him up to a massive plateau where he could begin to explore the park’s many hikes and scenic overlooks. Traffic was so heavy on this road that it took Caleb nearly an hour to simply travel the few miles to reach the first parking area. Cars were jam-packed throughout the park, making parking near- impossible to find. Occasionally, Caleb was able to park for a scenic hike; but the trails were usually so packed with people that it felt like shoulder-to-shoulder lines taking one step at a time.

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