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Utah Women Stats Research Snapshot




Utah Women & Leadership Project

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Throughout much of history, women have been seen as an extension of their male relatives when it comes to finances; American women were not allowed to own property in their names until the mid-1800s, overt pay discrimination was legal until 1963, and women could not access credit on their own until 1974. Hence, it is only in the last half century or so that women in the US have been able to participate fully in the financial matters that affect their everyday lives. This holds true in Utah as well, yet Utah women’s lives in the 21st century look dramatically different from their lives in years past; there has been a marked increase in labor force participation and a decrease in the marriage rate. This means that now, more than ever before, Utah women need to be financially literate and prepared to be financially independent. Unfortunately, research shows that most adults have major gaps in their financial literacy, women more so than men (only 30% of women and 35% of men worldwide show proficiency). There is a pressing need for women to increase their understanding of the financial situations and decisions they will face during their lives, and Utah women are no exception in the need to acquire vital individual financial expertise.

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