Scanning Microscopy


We analyzed the distribution patterns of nonspecific acid esterase and acid phosphatase activities with cytochemistry-scanning electron microscopy in backscattered and secondary electron imaging modes in isolated normal human peripheral blood lymphocytes . The analysis of non-specific acid esterase activity in the backscattered electron imaging mode showed, in some cells, focal distribution with a well-defined, homogenous deposit. Two patterns of acid phosphatase activity were evident with the backscattered electron imaging mode, i.e., focal and granular. Peripheral blood lymphocytes showing focal activity of both enzymes presented a smooth surface with few scattered microvilli as seen with the secondary electron imaging mode ; while lymphocytes with a granular pattern of acid phosphatase activity had abundant microvilli . The correlation between patterns of enzymatic activity as seen in backscattering electron imaging mode, and surface morphological features as seen with secondary electron imaging mode, distinguished a subpopulation of lymphocytes of T lineage in human peripheral blood.

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