Scanning Microscopy


This paper presents an improved method for preparing microvascular corrosion casts of rat embryos (day 16.5-21.5). Special attention was paid on the viscosity of the casting material, the method of mechanical restraint, and the subsequent drying of the casts. The embryos were perfused with Mercox resin diluted with 25% methyl methacrylate monomer followed by undiluted Mercox resin to avoid outflow of resin from the vasculature after perfusion. The specimens were mounted on a stainless steel plate with self-curing resin to prevent flotation, mechanical damage, and collapse of the cast specimens following preparation. After digestion and washing, the cast specimens were freeze dried to prevent deformation of the casts.

This specimen preparation resulted in much better scanning electron microscopic images of the embryonic microvasculature of various oral tissues, free from leakage and insufficient filling.

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