Table of Contents

  • --Without Purse of Scrip? Financing Latter-day Saint Missionary Work in Europe in the Nineteenth Century

Richard J. Jensen, 3

  • --Change Engulfs a Frontier Settlement: Ogden and Its Residents Respond to the Railroad

Brian Q. Cannon, 15

  • --Religion and Culture: A Persistent Problem

Langdon Gilkey, 29

  • --Entre Nous: An Intimate History of MHA

Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, 43

  • --John E. Page: An Apostle of Uncertainty

John Quist, 53

  • --The Earliest Reference Guides to the Book of Mormon: Windows into the Past

Grand Underwood, 69

  • --John Hafen and the Art Missionaries

Martha Elizabeth Bradley and Lowell M. Durham, Jr., 91


  • --Arrington's Moses Stephen J. Stein 107 Mormon Women: A Bibliography in Process, 1977-1985

Compiled by Lyn Scott and

Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, 113

  • --The Surprising J. Reuben Clark J.Keith Melville 129 Political Deliverance — At a Price: The Quest for Statehood

Jean Bickmore White, 135

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