Table of Contents

  • --Mormon Women, Other Women: Paradoxes and Challenges

Anne Firor Scott, 3

  • --Strangers in a Strange Land: Heber J. Grant and the Opening of the Japanese Mission

Ronald W. Walker, 21

  • --Lamanism, Lymanism, and Cornfields

Richard E. Bennett, 45

  • --Mormon Missionary Wives in Nineteenth Century Polynesia

Carol Cornwall Madsen, 61

  • --The Federal Bench and Priesthood Authority: The Rise and Fall of John Fitch Kinney's Early Relationship with the Mormons

Michael W. Homer, 89

  • --The 1903 Dedication of Russia for Missionary Work

Kahlile Mehr, 111

  • --Between Two Cultures: The Mormon Settlement of Star Valley, Wyoming

Dean L.May, 125

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