Table of Contents

  • --The Popular History of Early Victorian Britain: A Mormon Contribution

John F. C. Harrison, 3

  • --Heber J. Grant's European Mission, 1903-1906

Ronald W. Walker, 17

  • --The Office of Presiding Patriarch: The Primacy Problem

E. Gary Smith, 35

  • --In Praise of Babylon: Church Leadership at the 1851 Great Exhibition in London

T. Edgar Lyon Jr., 49

  • --The Ecclesiastical Position of Women in Two Mormon Trajectories

Ian G Barber, 63

  • --Franklin D. Richards and the British Mission

Richard W. Sadler, 81

  • --Synoptic Minutes of a Quarterly Conference of the Twelve Apostles: The Clawson and Lund Diaries of July 9-11, 1901

Stan Larson, 97

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