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  • --Presidential Address Mormon Memory, Mormon Myth, and Mormon History

Roger D. Launius, 1

  • --Conflict in the Camps of Israel: The 1853 Cutlerite Schism Danny L Jorgensen, 25
  • --Migration, Social Change, and Mormonism in Portugal Mark L Grover, 65
  • --"Are You That Damned Presbyterian Devil?" The Evolution of an Anti-Mormon Story R. Douglas Brackenridge, 80
  • --The Mormon Relief Society and the International Women's Year Martha Sonntag Bradley, 106


--In Their Own Words: Women and the Story of Nauvoo by Carol Cornwall Madsen Lynne Watkins Jorgensen, 168

--Black Saints in a White Church: Contemporary African American Mormons by Jessie L. Embry PaulR. Spickard, 171

--Seasons of Faith and Courage: The Church of fesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in French Polynesia, A Sesquicentennial History, 1843-1993 by S. George Ellsworth and Kathleen C. Perrin Kenneth W. Baldridge, 175

--The Angel and the Beehive: The Mormon Struggle with Assimilation by Armand L. Mauss Thomas G. Alexander, 178

--Harold F. Silver: Western Inventor, Businessman, and Civic Leader by Leonard J. Arrington and John R. Alley, Jr. Glenn Willett Clark, 182

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