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--Editorial Lavina Fielding Anderson, v

--Chronology Lavina Fielding Anderson, xiii

--Wilfried Decoo: Response to Bruce Van Orden, xix

Appendices xxxvi

--Bruce Van Orden: Response, il

--Reflections Richard L. Jensen, lv

--Anna Jean Duncan Backus: Response to Review by W. Paul Reeve, lvii

--W. Paul Reeve: Response, lviii


--A Web of Trails: Bringing History Home Linda King Newell, 1


  • --Sesquicentennial Reflections: A Comparative View of Mormon and Gentile Women on the Westward Trail Glenda Riley, 28
  • --Moses Thatcher in the Dock: His Trials, the Aftermath and His Last Days Kenneth W. Godfrey, 54
  • --Single Men in a Polygamous Society: Male Marriage Patterns in Manti, Utah Kathryn M. Daynes, 89
  • --The 1938 Train-School Bus Disaster: Mormon Communal Response to Catastrophic Death Melvin L. Bashore, 112
  • --The History of LDS Temple Admission Standards Edward L. Kimball, 135


--Edward Leo Lyman. San Bernardino: The Rise and Fall of a California Community Dean L. May, 177

--Maurine Carr Ward, ed. Winter Quarters: The 1846 -1848 Life Writings of Mary HaskinParker Richards Sharon S. Carver, 181

--Allen Kent Powell, ed. Utah History Encyclopedia Judith Austin, 185

--James P. Wind and James W. Lewis, eds. American Congregations. Vol. 1: Portraits of Twelve Religious Communities, and Vol. 2: New Perspectives in the Study of Congregations Melvyn Hammarberg, 187

--Marilyn Conover Barker. The Legacy of Mormon Furniture: The Mormon Material Culture, Undergirded by Faith, Commitment, and Craftsmanship Nancy R. Clark, 193


--F. Ross Peterson. A History of Cache County, 197

--Jessie L. Embry. A History ofWasatch County, 198

--Marian Wilkinson Jensen, comp. Women of Commitment: Elect Ladies of Brigham Young University, 199

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