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  • --What's New in Latter-day Saint Church History?
    Recent Developments in the Family and Church History
    Department Richard
    E. Turley jr.,1

    --In Pursuit of Answers to Difficult Questions
    Glen M. Leonard, 14
    --Part of Each One of Us
    Ronald W. Walker, 19
  • --Inheriting the Great Apostasy: The Evolution of Mormon Views on the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Eric Dursteler, 23
  • --George Prince, Convert Out of Africa Stephen L. Prince, 60
  • --The New Deal in Orem, Utah, 1933-40 Jeremy Bonner, 81
  • --The Eagle and the Scattered Flock: LDS Church Beginnings in Occupied Japan, 1945-49 Shinji Takagi, 104
  • --The Cultural Dynamics of Historical Self-Fashioning: LDS Pioneer Nostalgia, American Culture, and the International Church Eric A. Eliason, 140


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