Table of Contents




  • --A Personal Odyssey Revisited: My Continuing Encounter with Mormon History Lawrence Foster, 1


  • --"Faith in the Religion of Their Fathers": Passing Mormonism from One Generation to the Next Randall Balmer, 37
  • --A "Goodly Heritage" in a Time of Transformation: History and Identity in the Community of Christ W. Grant McMurray, 59
  • --The Hymns of Kirtland: A Festival of Hymns and History Richard Clothier, 76
  • --"Lest We Forget:" The Meaning of Kirtland's History in the Present D. Todd Christofferson, 105
  • --The Restoration of Historic Kirtland: A Panel
    A History of Restoring Historic Kirtland
    Steven L. Olsen, 120
    --Recreating Kirtland's Physical Past: How Well Did We
    Donald L. Enders, 128

    --Interpreting Kirtland's Historic Sites
    Jennifer L. Lund, 139
    --Digging in the Documents
    Mark L. Stoker, 148
    --Grandison Newell's Obsession
    Dale W Adams, 159
  • --The Widow and the Lion of the Lord: Sarah Ann Cooke vs. Brigham Young Patricia Lyn Scott, 189


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