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  • --The Mormon Hierarchy and the MX Jacob W. Olmstead, 1
  • --What E‘er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part: John Allan’s Albany Crescent Stone Matthew O. Richardson, 31
  • --A Mormon Bigfoot: David Patten’s Cain and the Concept of Evil in LDS Folklore Matthew Bowman, 62
  • --Howard and Martha Coray: Chroniclers of the Words and Life of the Prophet Joseph Smith Elizabeth Ann Anderson, 83
  • --In Harmony? Perceptions of Mormonism in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania Stanley James Thayne, 114
  • --“The Spirit of the Place”: The Clifford Family and the Joseph Smith Memorial Farm Susan L. Fales, 152


--Todd M. Kerstetter. God’s Country, Uncle Sam’s Land: Faith and Conflict in the American West C. Bríd Nicholson, 187

--Robert N. Baskin. Reminiscences of Early Utah, 1914; with “Reply to Certain Statements by O. F. Whitney,” 1916 David L. Bigler, 190

--Edward L. Kimball. Lengthen Your Stride: The Presidency of Spencer W. Kimball D. Michael Quinn, 193

--Richard Lyman Bushman. On the Road with Joseph Smith: An Author’s Diary Gary James Bergera, 195

--Hugh Nibley and Alex Nibley. Sergeant Nibley PhD: Memories of an Unlikely Screaming Eagle Robert M. Hogge, 204

--Andrew D. Olsen. The Price We Paid: The Extraordinary Story of the Willie and Martin Handcart Pioneers Marshall Hamilton, 207

--William Whitridge Hatch. When Push Came to Shove: Mormon Martyrs in an Unrelenting Bible Belt, 1831–1923 Jad Allen Mills, 212

--Elijah Nicholas Wilson and Charles A. Wilson. The White Indian Boy and its sequel The Return of the White Indian Mark Carter, 218

--Gary C. Vitale, ed. Letters to Molly from Her Mormon Past: 1860–1912 Dawn Farrell Thurston, 222

--John W. Welch, with Erick B. Carlson, eds. Opening the Heavens: Accounts of Divine Manifestations, 1820–1844 Daniel P. Dwyer, 224

--Sweetwater Rescue: The Willie and Martin Handcart Story Michael Van Wagenen, 227

--Pioneer Memorial Museum Samplers and Carol Holindrake Nielson, The Salt Lake City 14th Ward Album Quilt, 1857: Stories of the Relief Society Women and Their Quilt Lavina Fielding Anderson, 231

--Dean Hughes. HEARTS OF THE CHILDREN. The Writing on the Wall. Troubled Waters. How Many Roads. Talk Me Home. So Much of Life Ahead. Dawn Hall Anderson and Dlora Hall Dalton, 236

--Violet T. Kimball. Stories of Young Pioneers: In Their Own Words. Joe Geisner, 246

--Violet T. Kimball. Stories of Young Pioneers: In Their Own Words Neal Chandler, 248


--R. Kent Tipton. Kid Posse and the Phantom Robber, 255

--William A. Morton. From Plowboy to Prophet: Being a Short History of Joseph Smith for Children, 256

--Dory J. Peters. The Warrior’s Code, 256

--R. Wayne Shute. Under a Bright Samoan Sun: Stories of the Remarkable History of the Church in Samoa, 257

--Bruce E. Dana. Glad Tidings near Cumorah: Firsthand Accounts of Sacred Places, Angelic Visitations, and Ancient Relics, 258

--Steven L. Olsen. The Mormon Ideology of Place: Cosmic Symbolism of the City of Zion, 1830–1846, 259

--John H. Gronerg. Anytime, Anywhere, 260

--Werner Klein. Under the Eye of the Shepherd, 261

--Robyn Heitzler. My Spiritual Trail: The Journal of Cateline Fortier, 263

--Hartt Wixom, Critiquing the Critics of Joseph Smith, 263

--Claudia Lauper Bushman and Richard Lyman Bushman. Building the Kingdom: A History of the Momrons in America, 264

--W. Jeffrey Narsh with Jennifer Johnson and Celeste Pittman. The Journal of Mormon History The Eyewitness History of the Church. Volume 1: The Restoration, 1800–1833, 265

--Gary Topping, ed. Great Salt Lake: An Anthology, 266

--Carol Cornwall Madsen and Cherry B. Silver, eds., New Scholarship on Latter-day Saint Women in the Twentieth Century, 268

--Fred C. Collier, The Nauvoo High Council Minute Books of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 270

--Fragments of Experience: [Sixth Book] from the Faith-Promising Series, 270

--Charles W. Allen, The Gift: A True Story of Life, Death, and Trust, 272

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