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--Correction Dean Hughes, vi


--“Temple Pro Tempore”: The Salt Lake City Endowment House Lisle G Brown, 1

--“They Shall Be Made Whole”: A History of Baptism for Health Jonathan A. Stapley and Kristine L. Wright, 69

--“Cheat the Asylum of a Victim”: George Albert Smith’s 1909–12 Breakdown Mary Jane Woodger, 113

--Appropriating the Secular: Mormonism and the World Columbia Exposition of 1893 Konden Rich Smith, 153

--Under the Gun at the Smoot Hearings: Joseph F. Smith’s Testimony Michael Harold Paulos, 181

--Buchanan’s Thrust from the Pacific: The Utah War’s Ill-Fated Second Front William P. MacKinnon, 226


--Michael Harold Paulos, editor. The Mormon Church on Trial: Transcripts of the Reed Smoot Hearings Val Hemming, 261

--David Dye and Joshua Mariano. 27 Hidden Gems from Church History; David A. Dye. Sacred Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith: An In-Depth Examination of the 1903 Letter of Benjamin F. Johnson; and David A. Dye, ed. Sacred Scribe: Entries from the Journals of Leonard John Nuttall Brian C. Hales, 265

--Donald Harman Akenson. Some Family: The Mormons and How Humanity Keeps Track of Itself J. Michael Hunter, 271


--Laurel Stowe Brady. In the Time of John Taylor: Dancing with the Sun, 275

--Carol Freeman Braby. Letters from Jerusalem 1913–1914: Correspondence of H. Arthur and Edna Howland Koehler, 276

--Anthony W. Ivins. The Relationship of Mormonism and Freemasonry, 277

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