Table of Contents


--Passing of Two Exemplars Joseph Johnstun, vi

--In Praise of Will Bagley Sherman L. Fleek, vii


--Conversion amid Conflict: Mormon Proselytizing in Russian Finland, 1861–1914 Zachary R. Jones, 1

--The Forms and the Power: The Development of Mormon Ritual Healing to 1847 Jonathan A. Stapley and Kristine Wright, 42

--Preserving the Record and Memory of the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo, 1842–92 Jill Mulvay Derr and Carol Cornwall Madsen, 88

--The Reed Smoot Hearings and the Theology of Politics: Perceiving an “American” Identity Konden R. Smith, 118

--Letters and Mail between Kirtland and Independence: A Mormon Postal History, 1831–33 William G. Hartley, 163

--What We Will Do Now That New Mormon History Is Old: A Roundtable Introduction Keith A. Erekson, 190

--Getting Around the Dichotomy Squared Keith A. Erekson, 191

--The Unexplored Drama within the Drama Rachel Cope, 195

--Restorationist Studies: The Future of the New Mormon History David J. Howlett, 200

--Performing Mormon History Megan Sanborn Jones, 204

--Context and the New-New Mormon History Matthew Bowman, 208

--Fashioning a Newer Mormon History J. Spencer Fluhman, 214

--Mormon Cultural Studies Lisa Olsen Tait, 218

--Post New Mormon History: A Manifesto W. Paul Reeve, 223

--Converting Mormon History Amy Harris, 226

--History That Reveals Itself, History That Names Itself Patrick A. Polk, 230

--Wingfield Watson: A Midwest Visit, 1908 William Shepard, 234


--S. Michael Tracy, Millions Shall Know Brother Joseph Again: The Joseph Smith Photograph Jared Tamez, 251

--William P. MacKinnon, At Sword’s Point, Part 1: A Documentary History of the Utah War to 1858 Joseph Geisner, 258

--Alissa York, Effigy Dawn Hall Anderson and Dlora Hall Dalton, 264

--Val D. Rust, Radical Origins: Early Mormon Converts and Their Colonial Ancestors George D. Smith, 269

--Martha Peterson Taysom. “Glory Is a-Comin’ Soon”: A History of Mormonism in Indiana Keith A. Erekson, 274


--Christopher Kimball Bigelow. The Timechart History of Mormonism: From Premortality to the Present, 284

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