Table of Contents


--Mission Harvest in Rural Britain Polly Aird, vi

--More on McNemar Christian Goodwillie, viii

--Updated Documentation Gary James Bergera, ix


--Opposing the “High Ecclesiasts at Washington”: Frank J. Cannon’s Editorial Fusillades during the Reed Smoot Hearings, 1903–07 Michael Harold Paulos, 1

--“The Modern Mormon Kingdom”: Frank J. Cannon’s National Campaign against Mormonism, 1910–18 Kenneth L. Cannon II, 60

--“War and Confusion in Babylon”: Mormon Reaction to German Unification, 1864–80 Zachary R. Jones, 115

--American Prophets: Mark Twain and Joseph Smith Revisited Nicole Amare and Alan Manning, 151

--Transgression in the Latter-day Saint Community: The Cases of Albert Carrington, Richard R. Lyman, and Joseph F. Smith. Part 2: Richard R. Lyman Gary James Bergera, 173

--The Church Family in Nineteenth-Century America: Mormonism and the Public/Private Divide Christine Talbot, 208


--Edward Leo Lyman, Amasa Mason Lyman: Mormon Apostle and Apostate, a Study in Dedication William G. Hartley, 258

--Jill Mulvay Derr and Karen Lynn Davidson, eds., Eliza R. Snow: The Complete Poetry Lisa Olsen Tait, 262


--Craig Manscill, Robert Freeman, and Dennis Wright, eds., Presidents of the Church: The Lives and Teachings of the Modern Prophets, 268 Chad S. Hawkins, ed., Faith in the Service: Inspirational Stories from LDS Servicemen and Servicewomen, 269 Larry H. Miller with Doug Robinson, Driven: An Autobiography, 270 Mike Ramsdell, A Train to Potevka, 274

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Journal of Mormon History: Vol. 37, Fall 2011: Iss. 4.

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