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--The Gift of Mercy Polly Aird, vii

--Candor and Completeness Joseph Geisner, vii

--Greatest Issue Ever Bryan Buchanan viii Cautionary Tale Michael Harold Paulos viii “Free Exchange of Information” Noel A. Carmack, ix


--“One Soul Shall Not Be Lost”: The War in Heaven in Mormon Thought Boyd Jay Petersen, 1

--The Danielson Plow Company and the Redemption of Zion R. Jean Addams, 51

--Transgression in the Latter-day Saint Community: The Cases of Albert Carrington, Richard R. Lyman, and Joseph F. Smith. Part 3: Joseph F. Smith Gary James Bergera, 98

--The Word of Wisdom in Its First Decade Paul Y. Hoskisson, 131


--Benjamin C. Pykles, Excavating Nauvoo: The Mormons and the Rise of Historical Archaeology in America Glen M. Leonard, 201

--Polly Aird, Mormon Convert, Mormon Defector: A Scottish Immigrant in the American West, 1848–1861 C. Bríd Nicholson, 208

--Matthew Roper, comp.; Sandra A. Thorne, ed., 19th Century Publications about the Book of Mormon (1829–1844) Mark Ashurst-McGee, 212

--Sherman L. Fleek, History May Be Searched in Vain: A Military History of the Mormon Battalion Robert M. Hogge, 214

--Alexander L. Baugh and Susan Easton Black, eds., Banner of the Gospel: Wilford Woodruff Blair Dee Hodges 217 Thomas M. Spencer, ed., The Missouri Mormon Experience Joseph Geisner, 222

--Richard E. Turley Jr. and Steven C. Harper, eds., Preserving the History of the Latter-day Saints Matthew Bowman, 232

--Raymond Kuehne, Mormons as Citizens of a Communist State: A Documentary History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in East Germany, 1945–1990 Alan Keele, 235

--Heidi S. Swinton, To the Rescue: The Biography of Thomas S. Monson Gary James Bergera, 239

--Edward Leo Lyman, ed., Candid Insights of a Mormon Apostle: The Diaries of Abraham H. Cannon, 1889–1895 Kenneth L. Cannon II, 247

--David F. Holland, Sacred Borders: Continuing Revelation and Canonical Restraint in Early America Benjamin E. Park, 259


--Andrew H. Hedges and Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, Through the Lens: The Original 1907 Church History Photographs of George Edward Anderson, 264 Dan A. Lisonbee and Janet L. Lisonbee, Far West, Missouri: It Shall Be Called Most Holy, 265 Melissa G. Moore and M. Bridget Cook, Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer’s Daughter, 266 John Yves Bizimana, Escape from Rwanda, 268 Marlene Bateman Sullivan, Brigham’s Boys, 269 Lori E. Woodland, Beloved Emma: The Life Story of Emma Smith, 270 David J. Howlett, Barbara B. Walden, and John C. Hamer, Community of Christ: An Illustrated History, 271 E. Dale LeBaron, Benjamin F. Johnson: Friend to the Prophets, 273 Richard E. Bennett, School of the Prophet: Joseph Smith Learns the First Principles, 1820–1830, 274 Garold D. Barney, Mormons, Indians, and the Ghost Dance Religion of 1890, 275

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Journal of Mormon History: Vol. 38, Winter 2012: Iss. 1.

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