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--Fitz John Porter’s Letter William P. MacKinnon, vii


--Mormonism in Cultural Context: Guest Editors’ Introduction J. Spencer Fluhman, Steven C. Harper, and Jed Woodworth, 1

--A Charmed Life Claudia L. Bushman, 5

--The Hermeneutics of Generosity: A Critical Approach to the Scholarship of Richard Bushman Stuart Parker, 12

--To Mend a Fractured Reality: Joseph Smith’s Project Philip L. Barlow, 28

--The Language of Heaven: Prolegomenon to the Study of Smithian Translation Samuel Morris Brown, 51

--“The Wars and the Perplexities of the Nations”: Reflections on Early Mormonism, Violence, and the State Patrick Q. Mason, 72

--Zion in America: The Origins of Mormon Constitutionalism Mark Ashurst-McGee, 90

--Joseph Smith as the Philosopher King: Neoplatonism in Early Mormon Political Thought Stephen J. Fleming, 102

--LDS Understandings of Religious Freedom: Responding to the Shifting Cultural Pendulum Mauro Properzi, 128

--Joseph Smith, Romanticism, and Tragic Creation Terryl L. Givens 148 God, the World, and the Long Journey to Divinity: Mormonism and German Romantic Idealism James M. McLachlan, 163

--Early Mormonism and the Re-Enchantment of Antebellum Historical Thought Jordan T. Watkins, 187

--“Reasonings Sufficient”: Joseph Smith, Thomas Dick, and the Context(s) of Early Mormonism Benjamin E. Park, 210

--After the Golden Age Richard Lyman Bushman, 225


--Robin Scott Jensen, Richard E. Turley Jr., and Riley M. Lorimer, eds. Revelations and Translations, Volume 2: Published Revelations. Volume 2 of the Revelations and Translations series of The Joseph Smith Papers Joe Geisner, 232

--Andrew H. Hedges, Alex D. Smith, and Richard Lloyd Anderson, eds. Journals, Volume 2: December 1841– April 1843. Volume 2 of the Journals series of The Joseph Smith Papers. Series editors: Dean C. Jessee, Ronald K. Esplin, and Richard Lyman Bushman Brian C. Hales, 236

--Devery Scott Anderson, ed. The Development of LDS Temple Worship, 1846–2000: A Documentary History John-Charles Duffy, 254

--Richard V. Francaviglia. Go East, Young Man: Imagining the American West as the Orient Christine Talbot, 259

--John S. Dinger, ed. The Nauvoo City and High Council Minutes Robin Scott Jensen, 262

--Sherman L. Fleek, Called to War: Dawn of the Mormon Battalion, and Sherman L. Fleek, War in the Far West: The March of the Mormon Battalion Paul A. Hoffman, 268


Richard H. Bullock, Ship Brooklyn’s Saints, 274 James V. D’Arc, When Hollywood Came to Town: A History of Moviemaking in Utah, 276 Andrew H. Hedges and Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, Within These Prison Walls: Lorenzo Snow’s Record Book, 1886–1897, 278

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Journal of Mormon History, Vol 38, Summer 2012: Iss. 3.

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