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--Presidential Billiards Revisited William P. MacKinnon, vii

--Conclusions Unwarranted Polly Aird and Gary Topping, x

--Augusta Young and Priesthood Jonathan A. Stapley, x

--Willard Richards Devery S. Anderson, xii

--Dinger Responds John Dinger, xv

--A Response to Robin Jensen Gary James Bergera, xix

--Jensen versus Kline and Perdue Ron Priddis, xx

--Disappointed by Review Joseph Geisner, xxiii

--The Future of Mormon Documentary Editing Robin Scott Jensen, xxiv

--Timely Reminder Tom Kimball, xxviii

--Corrections, XXIX


--Between Two Economies: The Business Development of the Young Woman’s Journal, 1889–1900 Lisa Olsen Tait, 1

--“As Bad as I Hated to Come”: Lucy Hannah White Flake in Arizona David F. Boone, 55

--The Lord’s Supper during the Progressive Era, 1890–1930 Justin R. Bray, 88

--“A Continuation of the Seeds”: Joseph Smith and Spirit Birth Brian C. Hales, 105

--The Book of the Law of the Lord Alex D. Smith, 131

--Ox in the Mire? The Legal and Cultural War over Utah’s Sunday Closing Laws Timothy G. Merrill and Brian Q. Cannon, 164

--Setting the Record Straight: Brigham Young’s Baptism Date H. Michael Marquardt, 195

--“Does Not Purport to Comprehend All Matters of Church Government”: The LDS General Handbook of Instructions, 1899–2006 Michael Harold Paulos, 200

--Solomon Spaulding’s Indians, Or What the Manuscript Really Tells Us Adam Jortner, 226


--Tom Mould. Still, the Small Voice: Narrative, Personal Revelation, and the Mormon Folk Tradition Jill Terry Rudy, 248

--Edward L. Kimball. Father of a Prophet: Andrew Kimball Joann Follett Mortensen, 253

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Journal of Mormon History, Vol 38, Fall 2012: Iss. 4.

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