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--Mr. Samuelsen Goes to Copenhagen: The First Mormon Member of a National Parliament, Richard L. Jensen, 1


--The Latter-day Saints, the Doughnut, and Post-Christian Canada, David B. Marshall, 35


--Minding the House of Church History: Reflections of a Church Historian at the End of His Time, Marlin K. Jensen, 78

--Writing an Honorable Remembrance: Nineteenth-Century LDS Women’s Autobiography, Katherine Sarah Massoth, 91

--Community of Christ’s Evolving Approach to Mission, Steven L. Shields, 139

--“A Negro Preacher”: The Worlds of Elijah Ables, Russell W. Stevenson, 165


--Karen Lynn Davidson, David J. Whittaker, Mark Ashurst-McGee, and Richard L. Jensen, eds. Histories, Volume 1: Joseph Smith Histories, 1832–1844, Brett D. Dowdle and Samuel Morris Brown, 255

--Brant A. Gardner. The Gift and the Power: Translating the Book of Mormon, Grant Hardy, 258

--J. Spencer Fluhman. "A Peculiar People": Anti-Mormonism and the Making of Religion in Nineteenth-Century America, Benjamin E. Park, 264

--Reid L. Neilson. Early Mormon Missionaries in Japan, 1901–1924, Ronald E. Bartholomew, 267


--Douglas J. Bell. Defender's of the Faith: The Book of Mormon from a Soldier’s Perspective, 274

--Gary D. Toyn, comp. Life Lessons from Mothers of Faith: Inspiring True Stories about Latter Day Moms, 275

--Mike Mcpheters. Agent Bishop: True Stories of an FBI Agent Moonlighting as a Mormon Bishop, 277

--David Beagley. One Lost Boy: His Escape from Polygamy, 278

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