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--More on Elijah Ables, Russell W. Stevenson, vi


--The Affairs of the “Runaways”: Utah’s First Encounter with the Federal Officers, Part 1, Ronald W. Walker, 1

--Isaac Russell: Mormon Muckraker and Secret Defender of the Church, Kenneth L. Cannon II, 44

--Evil in the Family: Mormons and Catholics Struggling with the Dark Side of Their Histories, Father Daniel P. Dwyer, O.F.M., 99

--“It Was Awful in Its Majesty”: Mary Ann Burnham Freeze’s 1892 Mission to San Juan, Robin Russell,121

--The Earliest Written Account of the Mountain Meadows Meadows Massacre?, Connell O’Donovan, 144

--Keeping a Secret: Freemasonry, Polygamy, and the Nauvoo Relief Society, 1842–44, Cheryl L. Bruno,158

--“Saviors on Mount Zion”: Mormon Sacramentalism, Mortality, and the Baptism for the Dead, Ryan G. Tobler, 182


--Torvaldsen’s White-Marbled Christus Reconsidered. Edward J. Blum and Paul Harvey. The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America, Noel A. Carmack, 239


John G. Turner, Brigham Young, Pioneer Prophet, Henry Wolfinger, 260

Michael G. Reed, Banishing the Cross: The Emergence of a Mormon Taboo Fiona Givens, 265

Richard L. Saunders, ed., Dale Morgan on the Mormons: Collected Works, Part 1, 1939–1951 John P. Hatch, 269

Leland H. Gentry and Todd M. Compton, Fire and Sword:A History of the Latter-day Saints in Northern Missouri, 1836–1839 Alexander L. Baugh, 272


Karl Ricks Anderson. The Savior in Kirtland. 277

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