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--The “Wild West” of Missionary Work: Reopening the Italian Mission, 1965–71, James A. Toronto, 1

--William B. Smith and “The Josephites,” Kyle R. Walker, 73

--The 1855 Murder of Isaac Whitehouse in Parowan, Utah, Connell O’Donnell, 130

--The Early Community of Christ Mission to “Redeem” the Church in Utah, Steven L. Shields, 158

--Elaine Anderson Cannon, Young Women General President: Innovations, Inspiration, and Implementations, Mary Jane Woodger, 171

--Sonia’s Awakening: White Mormon Expatriates in Africa and the Dismantling of Mormonism’s Racial Consensus, 1852–1978, Russell W. Stevenson, 208


--Beth Shumway Moore, Bones in the Well: The Haun’s Mill Massacre, 1838: A Documentary History, Brent M. Rogers, 248

--W. Paul Reeve and Michael Scott Van Wagenen, eds., Between Pulpit and Pew: The Supernatural World in Mormon History and Folklore, Mark Ashurst-McGee, 252

--Eric A. Eliason and Tom Mould, eds., Latter-day Lore: Mormon Folklore Studies, Ronda Walker Weaver, 256

--LaMar C. Berrett and Blair G. Van Dyke, Holy Lands: A History of the Latter-day Saints in the Near East, Kent P. Jackson, 260

--Kenneth Lougee, Pie in the Sky: How Joe Hill’s Lawyers Lost His Case, Got Him Shot, and Were Disbarred, John Dinger, 264

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